Exhibitor Resources

Everything you need to get set up at Innovations, all in one place.
From booth selection to show specials, we’ll ensure you have the resources and opportunities to make the most of our trade show. All exhibitor packages include:
  • 10x10 ft. standard booth
  • 8-ft.-high gray back drape 
  • 3-ft.-high gray side dividers
  • One 6-ft. gray skirted table
  • One 8-ft. gray skirted table
  • Two chairs
  • One wastebasket
  • 7x44 in. one-line identification sign
Note: Package does not include carpet. Professional floor covering is required on the show floor. Be sure to select this in your exhibitor order form through Heritage or let us know if you are bringing your own flooring.
Click the links below to access the deadlines, documents, and processes you need to ensure everything goes smoothly for Innovations. 
Review important safety and exhibitor information from the America’s Center.
Fire Regulations
Exhibitor Rights
Encore is our vendor for audio visual services. All payments will be processed directly through Encore.
Follow the instructions to order Encore audio visual services:
  1. Visit the EventNow website here
  2. Type “Innovations” in the search field to find our show. Click on the event.
  3. Browse their technology catalog. Once you select from their list of available products and packages, check out.



Vacuuming, mopping, and porter service is provided by Edlen. 
The order deadline is May 24.
You have two methods for submitting your order:
Visit Edlen.com or call 314-342-5324 if you have questions. 
For more details and access to the order form, download the document.



More details will be available soon.
Your exhibitor package will determine when you get to pick your booth. 

Booth Selection Dates

Premium Package: March 15-19
Basic Package: March 20-22
Introductory Package/Remaining Booths: Starting March 23 (assigned by Dot)
You will receive an email to select your booth on the day your selection opens. Booth numbers will be posted here by Tuesday, March 28.
See our interactive trade show floor map.
Edlen will provide the electricity for booths. They also offer plumbing, florals, and other services. All payments will be processed directly through Edlen. The order deadline is May 24.
You have two methods for submitting your order:
Visit Edlen.com or call 314-342-5324 if you have questions. 
For more details and access to the order form, download the document.



More details about our on-site pantry and equipment will be available soon.
All exhibitors must be moved out of the exhibit halls by Thursday at 8 p.m. Please coordinate freight pickups and shipping to accommodate this deadline. Anything left in the exhibit hall after 8 p.m. on Thursday, June 15 will be discarded.
See more details and procedures from Heritage.



If you selected Scavenger Hunt Participant, National Account Welcome Kit, and/or Snack, Beverage, or Supplies Sponsor as your features, provide details through our form. Your completed form should be submitted by April 15.



If you will be frying food at your booth, please adhere to the following requirements:
  • Each exhibitor is allowed no more than one fryer per booth.
  • Each exhibitor shall provide two ten-pound B.C. extinguishers, positioned on both sides of the fryer.
  • Use the necessary ventilating hood and surface protection requirements, unless the fryer doesn't exceed 15 pounds of oil.
  • Oil disposable will be available to you all day Wednesday and Thursday. The container is located near the ticket lobby in halls two and three behind the draped wall on the north side.
Ice will be available for purchase from Levy Catering. Visit the show services desk, pantry, and mobile ice units at the show to purchase ice.
Internet will be provided at your booth through SmartCity Networks. All payments will be processed directly through SmartCity. The order deadline is May 30 for incentive rates.
Submit your order at Orders.SmartCityNetworks.com. Contact Smart City at 888-446-6911 or csr@smartcity.com if you have questions. 
For more details on their services, download the document.



LeadCapture is an app you can download to your phone and use to record new contacts and take notes during conversations at Innovations. Simply scan attendee badges using the app to record their name and contact information.
Each exhibitor package will receive two LeadCapture licenses. If you would like more people from your company to have the LeadCapture app, you can purchase additional licenses. 
You should have received an email from Clammie@cvent.com to create your LeadCapture account. If you don’t receive an email, contact us
To set up your LeadCapture account or purchase more licenses, download the flyer.


Only Dot Foods supplier partners are eligible to exhibit at Innovations. Once your company has purchased an exhibitor package and sponsorships here, every person from your company attending Innovations must fill out a separate attendee registration here.
To order your samples from Dot Foods, you must fill out our sample order form by May 24. If possible, please produce all samples within your booth. If you are unable to produce your samples within your booth and need catering assistance, contact us here.
Dry goods and booth display items must be received at the advance warehouse by May 16. Frozen and refrigerated items must be shipped directly to the show site no earlier than June 12
Shipping Labels
Every piece of freight you send must have one of the following labels, as well as any other labels from your chosen carrier. 
  • Use red labels for product that needs to be sent to Levy Catering to prepare for samples. Circle Dry, Frozen, or Refrigerated on each label.
  • Use the Heritage Trade Show Services labels for product that will not be prepared by Levy catering. If these items need to be stored in refrigerated or frozen trailers on site, use one of the colored labels:
    • White: Dry/Booth Display
    • Blue: Frozen
    • Gold: Refrigerated
These samples will be accessible at the Service Desk during show hours.
Download labels for your samples and products.  



Through show specials, you can offer discounted prices to Innovations attendees. Show specials drive business and get everyone excited to visit your booth. This year, show specials will be submitted through DotFoods.com/Shop.
The deadline to submit show specials is April 21. Here are other dates you need to know:
  • March 27-April 21: Submit your show specials
  • June 15-June 26: Show special customer order dates
  • July 17-Aug. 11: Show special delivery dates
The process of submitting show specials is mostly the same on our new site as it was on the Dot Expressway, but there are some key differences. The special order submissions form and instructions will be available soon.
Use your social media channels to drive traffic to your booth. Share our templates and use the #DotInnovations2023 hashtag to promote your participation at our trade show.


View our guidelines and templates for Innovations social media content.



Several exhibitor resources will be provided through Heritage Trade Show Services. You will receive an email from Heritage with login information to access their offering on 1 p.m. CST the day your booth selection opens. You will not be able to request show services prior to selecting your booth. 
Please call 1-800-360-4323 or email exhibitor.services@heritagesvs.com if you don’t receive the email or have other questions. Once you’re at the show, you can visit Heritage at the Service Desk in Exhibit Hall 2.
Heritage provides the following services. To be eligible for discounted rates, submit your order by May 25
Professional floor covering is required for all booths. If you do not let Heritage know you are bringing your own floor covering or place a carpet order by May 16, Heritage will provide you with gray booth carpet and charge you at the standard rate.
How to Submit Order Forms
Use one of the following methods to submit your order to Heritage. All payments will be processed directly through Heritage. Orders and payment must be submitted May 25 to receive a discount. 
  • Online Form: Use your personalized link from Heritage to submit orders through their Easy Order system. You should receive an email with your link at 1 p.m. CST on the day your booth selection opens.  
  • Hard Copy Form: Fax, mail, or email forms to Heritage.
View details on all services provided by Heritage and fill out your hard copy form by downloading the document. 



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