Our loyalty program focuses on gaining you new business—customers are being
rewarded with points towards a coveted spot on the 2021 Dot Trip
by purchasing your product for the first time.

Dot Trip Points Program

If you spend $15,000 between Innovations and Dot Marketing Services, or a combination of both, customers will be eligible to earn points on your products.

If you spend $40,000 as part of Innovations, Dot Marketing Services, or a combination of both, you will receive an invitation to send two attendees (supplier attendee and guest) to the 2021 Dot Trip in Aruba on February 7-11, 2021.

Dot Trip Platform

The Dot Trip Platform is the place to see real-time sales data and gain insight on what products customers are purchasing as a part of the program. Email reminders allow you to stay informed and track progress.

Please note: Suppliers that launch after September 2019 are not eligible for this year’s points program.


*Must be attending Dot Trip Program to select sponsorship options.
All options have limited availability.

Marketing and Snacks


Bring the snacks to the 2021 Dot Trip. Submit your top three items you’d like to feature and Dot will choose from those; your logo and product will be featured on the trip.

Key Card Sponsor


Your logos will be incorporated into the design of the key cards customers will be given at the attendee hotel.

Evening Event Sponsor


Help make the Dot Trip memorable—work with Dot to create a custom-sponsored experience based on event and location.

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