Hotels & Travel

Dot Foods wants to give you a comfortable and enjoyable Innovations experience.
We’ll make it as easy as possible to get affordable lodging near our venue and help you with travel arrangements. We’re also providing a complimentary shuttle service, so you don’t have to worry about getting around once you’re in St. Louis. Here are the details you need for your Innovations trip.

Hotel Options

Dot Foods Travel Headquarters is happy to help exhibitors and attendees arrange their hotel rooms. We can offer discounted rates, as well as a free stay to one lucky customer or national account operator attendee from each company. Pick out where you’d like to stay in downtown St. Louis:

Attendee Hotel & Travel Voucher

Customers and national account operators have a voucher to cover round-trip travel and a hotel room for one attendee. Follow these steps and make sure you understand what is covered in your voucher to get the best deal on your Innovations trip.
  1. Your voucher code will be emailed to you before registration opens.
  2. Enter your code and request your preferred travel date and time when you register.
  3. To get full travel reimbursement (up to $1,500), you must book a coach or economy class flight through Liz Little of Town & Country Travel before May 14. If you book after May 14, Dot will reimburse your company up to $500 for a round-trip flight.
  4. Traveling by car? Request reimbursement for up to 1,400 miles, round trip. Request your preferred travel date and time when registration opens.

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Innovations Questions

For more information on hotels, travel, and what our voucher covers, visit our FAQ page.

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